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Wounded #4



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Other Issues:

Wounded #5 came out in the first part of 1995, maybe even beginning, I don't remmeber. This time I was really happy with the layout. Remember, I still didin't have my own computer, but my friend Giedrius Slivinskas (also co-creator of Press of Darkness) who was also doing Edge of Time zine agreed to help, so I would enter my texts into computer at work, bring those floppy disks, photos, artworks to his place and we would start creating the layout. Also a few other collaborators joined with their interviews, reviews and artwork which was really cool, because I wanted to involve more people in making the fanzine. I thanked them in my editorial (thanx again!!) and you can see who they were. As always it reflected the music I was into at the time, so there were less Metal bands and more Industrial, Noise, Experimental music freaks featured. Another thing happened during the making of this issue. My friend Ugnius Lioge (now boss of Dangus Productions and Mėnuo Juodaragis Festival) one day asked if I have any Metal videos and I had some promo VHS from Peaceville Records with AT THE GATES, MY DYING BRIDE, G.G.F.H. videoclips and a few others. He said that the first Lithuanian commercial TV channel TELE-3 (broadcasting in all country) had let him to make a pilot for a musical program. So we combined all the videoclips that we had and made 30 minutes Metal TV show "Tamsos Citadelė" ("Dark Citadel"). We were sure it will all end with that pilot, but TV channel liked what we did and besides they had to fill up their airtime with a certain amount of inhouse made TV programs. So we got offered a contract and a slot on every second Sunday at 9 P.M. Nowadays with all the ratings and commercials this would be impossible, it's a damn prime time slot, but it was middle of 1994 and Lithuania was still a Wild West (or rather Wild East!) where anything went! So besides doing Wounded zine, me and Ugnius were now becoming a national Metal TV show producers and hosts! That meant I could get in touch with even more labels offering to play videos of their bands and spread the Metal via TV waves every second Sunday night! More about that later and now find your magnifying glasses and check out Wounded #5!









Wounded #5

Wounded #5
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