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Press of Darkness


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Working on this website brought many cool memories to us and we hope it will do so for you when you browse it. All the interviews come from the pre-Internet age and can not be found elsewhere online, so we want to preserve this important history of Metal and Industrial underground scenes. Many people who played in the featured bands can find their interviews in the index and this could also be a valuable source for 90's underground music researchers. We are mostly interested in the period from 1990 to 2000, but the archive is not strictly limited to that timeframe. We would like to gather more fanzines and keep this collection growing. So if you were an editor and want your fanzine included here, please contact us at The same goes if you would like your fanzine removed. We will try to keep our blog alive and post regularly with interesting additions to the website.

Mindaugas 'Plix' Lapinskas

First, the idea came about to put together all Metal fanzines from Lithuania. Evaldas Babenskas from Lithuanian Metal band OBTEST scanned quite a large collection and I was hooked. I was doing my own fanzine "Vital Wound" which later became "Wounded" and was heavily immersed in the underground scene from 1990 to 1998. Through the trading, I've amassed my own collection of international fanzines dealing with different styles of Metal and also Industrial, Noise and Electronic music. So the idea grew to collect them all in one place. Back in that time, Giedrius Slivinskas was making his own fanzine "Edge of Time" with a heavy focus on Progressive Metal, so he liked the idea and jumped on board with his own collection. An interesting fact is that Lithuania was producing probably the most fanzines per person in the world. After the Soviet Union collapsed, metalheads here were really hungry for new music and one way to get it was to start your own fanzine. There were close to 100 fanzines going around in the mid 90's here in a country with 3 million people. We've also got Tadas Kazlauskas's from Ledo Takas Records and Brainstorm/Ad Arma/Ledo Takas fanzine to contribute his own collection to this archive.

Welcome to the Press of Darkness! This is an archive of Metal and Industrial fanzines dedicated to preserve underground DIY media that was coming out in the 90s. 

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