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Press of Darkness


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Metal/Crust/Punk/Doom albums and more

Great site for classic Thrash Metal albums reviews

Championing the musically jaded

Black and Death Metal albums previews

Promoting Real Metal Online Since 1995!

Musikk Fra Norge, Requiem Fanzine and Norwegian Fanzines

Propagating Dark and Devastating Tones Since 2009

Very informative site from Belgium dedicated to Industrial, EBM, Electronic music

Site dedicated to fanzines produced in the early days of heavy, death, thrash, black metal underground

Most informative and longest running webzine about Industrial, EBM, Electronic music in the world

Presenting news, reviews & interviews for riff addicts around the world!

Extreme music entertainment website, focusing on album reviews, blogs, interviews, news, and community

Extensive metal fanzines archive with a focus on the 80s

Crushing posers since 1999. Great webzine done by Luxi Lahtinen (ex-Isten zine)

Music news, reviews, interviews, and tons of silly junk. Klondike of Metal!

Fanzine featuring many metal styles from traditional heavy metal, to experimental, death, black and beyond.

Underground Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012. Tons of reviews, refreshed everyday

Fanzine for old school Death, Black and Thrash Metal

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