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Vital Wound #1



Vital Wound #2



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Vital Wound #3 came out sometime in winter of 1993 and the previous colleague decided to leave underground journalism, but I was determined to push on and make it even better. Sėkla has done some interviews with bigger bands for Lithuanian newspaper and gave them to me to be printed in Vital Wound #3 which was very cool, we finaly had interviews with CANNIBAL CORPSE, ENTOMBED, BENEDICTION, BOLT THROWER... all the Death Metal GODZZ!! I had  worn out my dubbed tapes with their albums through the years and when finally could feature them in my zine, I was super proud. Also another buddy Ruslanas Auglys has helped with finances and this time I could afford to print the fanzine in the normal printing house, but the minimum amount they would be taking orders for was 1000 copies. So from 100 photocopied Vital Wound #2 to 1000 printed copies for Vital Wound #3! I sure will be spending lots of money for the stamps to send them all out for promotion! And I was determined to send it out to every label and other fanzine editor. Also I did a 90 minute compilation with some of the bands from this issue called "Wounded". And another thing was happening. After immersing myself into Death, Thrash and Grindcore for years and always looking for heavier and more brutal shit, it seemed that Death and especially Thrash Metal was getting really boring and stale in 1993, I'm sure you will agree. All the classic albums were recorded, bands were getting mainstream or dilluting their style (with some exceptions, I know. Fucking SLAYER!!!). But in 1992 MINISTRY have released "Psalm 69" and Peaceville's side label Dreamtime put out two G.G.F.H. albums "Eclipse" and "Disease". They totally blew my mind and opened another, much darker, weirder and defintely more interesting world - Industrial! So the seeds were sown and during 1993 I started to search for every band I could find from that style. What followed next you will see later, but now check out Vital Wound #3, of which I was really proud! Now I put all my money into sending out promo versions and trading it with all interested labels, fanzine editors, bands and distros. 

Thrash Metal, Grindcore, Death Metal, Doom Metal









Vital Wound #3

Vital Wound #3
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