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Legendary Voices From The Darkside!!!

We proudly present Voices From The Darkside fanzine!! It was the biggest and most well-known underground Metal zine in the world, I think every UG band that was releasing demos/albums in the 90's was featured/reviewed in those pages. Here we have three issues 6, 7 and 9 covering a huge amount of bands, so zoom in and dig into it! Nowadays Voices From The Darkside is still going strong on the internet with daily news, reviews and some interviews time from time. Check it out here:

Voices From The Darkside 6 - Germany - 1994
Download PDF • 11.23MB

Voices From The Darkside 7 - Germany - 1995
Download PDF • 13.60MB

Voices From The Darkside 9 - Germany - 1996
Download PDF • 15.43MB

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