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The Wild RAG! #25


World famous US fanzine/newsletter for the underground, no matter what some people have been talking about Wild Rags and Richard C., we never had any problems, trades were fair and good for both parties. Anyway, this issue is dedicated to FANZINES! Editors from US fanzines answer same questions and give a very good insights about the underground scene in 1993. Interviews with Screams From The Gutter zine, Stress Related zine, Thrashikus zine, No Glam Fags zine, Enthroned zine, Metal Core zine. Besides there are few shorter interviews with different questions to some of the former editors of American fanzines: Steveo (Scavenger zine), Mark Sawickis (Uniforce zine), Kelly Enochs (Exhume zine) nd Andrew Veneris (Merciless Death zine). Also live report from Metalmania VII festival held in Milwaukke and a pre-cursor to Milwaukee Metal Fest. As usual shit ton of news, reviews, USA scene report, huge distro list - megaton of information from the Metal undeground.

Editor: Richard C.

Enthroned zine

Metal Core zine

No Glam Fags zine

Screams From The Gutter zine

Stress Related zine

Thrashikus zine